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Government Relations / Civic Outreach

TLM Associates specializes in government relations. This is our core service, the one from which all the other services we offer derive. We know how to communicate with elected officials, their staffs, and equally importantly with the unelected and often overlooked (but extremely influential) government bureaucrats who ultimately are needed to sign off on key government decisions.

Finding common ground, even when there is none readily apparent, between key government decision makers and our clients is what we do best. If the policy maker and our client have a shared concern or a mutual interest relevant to the issue at hand, TLM Associates will find a way to bring it to the fore and make it the keynote in our presentation.

TLM Associates also has extensive knowledge of, and experience in, civic outreach campaigns. Mobilizing non-governmental agencies as well as regular citizens to assist us in advocating for or against a measure is often a vital factor in the success of our efforts. In this aspect of strategic planning our focus on understanding the values of the people we are appealing to is once again central. TLM Associates can design a civic outreach campaign that will successfully engage the targeted groups and individuals in order to enlist their aid in achieving our clients’ goals.

In addition TLM Associates vast network enables us to get a running start by saving time in regard to researching what groups or individuals to approach. TLM Associates will provide you with the insightful, rapid, and effective Civic Outreach campaign that you need to get the support necessary to obtain your goals.

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