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Providing Testimony for Legislative Committees and Regulatory Bodies

TLM Associates knows how and when to make their client’s case to a legislative committee or regulatory body. TLM Associates will assist in drafting a client’s testimony, and if the client desires a TLM Associate will personally deliver the testimony to the legislative committee or regulatory body in the client’s stead. Whether testifying on behalf of our clients or preparing our clients to testify themselves, TLM Associates prides itself on always being prepared. This means that TLM Associates not only provides accurate and articulate testimony but also has thought through the various contingencies that could occur in the highly fluid environment of a question and answer session with a regulatory or legislative body.

Because of TLM Associates’ familiarity with the personalities that make up these bodies we are usually able to predict who will bring up what topics and sometimes even the specific questions that will be asked as well as who will ask them. Thus TLM Associates will have answers prepared that will satisfy that particular questioner. This foresight is the result of planning and experience in dealing with governmental affairs and policy makers. Having a factually accurate and well written piece of testimony is only the first step. More importantly that testimony must be shaped to address the concerns and appeal to the priorities of the policymakers who make up the legislative or regulatory body in question.

TLM Associates is the adviser your organization needs to help you design your testimony in a way that resonates with policy makers.

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