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Media Issues Tracking

TLM Associates monitors the daily press daily for stories or editorials of interest to our clients. These can range from articles focusing on a specific piece of legislation or issue, articles detailing changes in political relationships among policy makers, to more general stories discussing seismic shifts in the political framework that could potentially have far-reaching implications for our clients. TLM Associates specializes in recognizing when a media story contains information of value to our clients in ways that would not be immediately evident.

Determining which stories contain information that could impact our clients, provide an opportunity for them, or dictate a change in their public relations or legislative strategy is not as simple as it seems. Looking for articles that mention our client by name or discuss the industry they are a part of is only the beginning of professional media issues tracking. The more challenging and important aspect of professional media issues tracking is discerning the implications and long term consequences of a story that superficially bears little or no relation to the client or the issues the client is concerned with.

TLM Associates is more than just another set of eyes and ears; it is also a filter and interpreter of media information, as well as prognosticator of what the information in the story in question means for our client’s future.

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