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Legislation Tracking

At TLM Associates we understand the value of up to the minute information so that our clients can make the best and most well informed decisions possible. That is why we not only carefully track all legislation that affects our clients but also alert our clients whenever we encounter a piece of legislation that we think might interest or impact them. We proactively keep our ear to the ground for legislation of interest to our clients that has already been officially introduced.

However we also regularly communicate with our extensive network in order to obtain any news of potentially relevant legislation that is being developed but has not yet been officially introduced. It is imperative in the fast paced world of New York City government to be brought into the loop as quickly as possible in order either to get a head start or to influence the language of a potential piece of legislation. The earlier in the process one's voice is heard the more likely it will be listened to. In essence we explore both the official and the unofficial channels of information in pursuit of legislation that could potentially matter to our clients.

We monitor the status of introduced legislation to ascertain whether any changes have or will occur. We understand that is absolutely critical that our clients be in the know as quickly as possible so they can respond in rapid and effective fashion. TLM Associates is the well informed intelligence service one needs to operate successfully in New York City politics.

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