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Land Use and Rezoning


TLM Associates has the experience and the strategic planning skills to assist your organization achieve its objectives in all land use and rezoning matters. Not only do we have the legal expertise to thoroughly understand such issues we also have the political acumen necessary to devise a plan to assist in the accomplishment or defeat of a proposed land use or rezoning imitative. This knowledge arises from our understanding of the current political scene and the favorable or unfavorable conditions created by it, in-depth study of past successful and unsuccessful rezonings and land use initiatives and the lessons to be learned from them, and our personal relationships with, and comprehension of the priorities of, the individual members of the City Council.

TLM Associates can ensure that your input is included in the final version of whatever land use or rezoning legislation emerges. Knowing what you want out of a land use and rezoning is not enough, an organization also needs to know how to conciliate opponents and energize allies in order to obtain the objectives one seeks. TLM Associates has the established relationships with policymakers, as well as the historical and contemporary perspective, necessary to accomplish the goals that any organization wishes to seek out of a proposed rezoning or land use issue.

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