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Issues Research

TLM Associates has the expertise necessary to find the answers that matter to our clients. Whether it be an issue relating to municipal or state law, the legislative process, bureaucratic or political negotiations, TLM Associates knows where and how to look in order to get the inside story on how an issue got to where it is and more importantly where it is going in the future.

Utilizing relationships with various elected and government officials, TLM Associates will delve into an issue in order to identify the relevant stakeholders. However TLM Associates will not just report their publicly stated positions but will also endeavor to discern each stakeholder’s motivations, for only through such an understanding will the appropriate means and methods of coaxing them into a compromise become evident.

Discovering where a stakeholder stands is usually (though not always) relatively simple, figuring out why they have taken the stance they have is a good deal more complicated. This is because their public pronouncements frequently omit certain elements in their calculations.

TLM Associates can get you the behind-the-scenes story of where an issue has been and where it is going and even more vitally why this issue has taken the course it has.

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