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Building Relationships and Coalitions


TLM Associates specializes in communicating with elected officials and other government decision makers. When a client retains TLM Associates they are tapping into an existing network of long-standing relationships which can help to facilitate the swift inclusion of new members. What this means in practice is that our previous relationship with a government decision maker or influential organization facilitates the rapid establishment of a new relationship between our client and the person or organization in question.

TLM Associates does more than just provide introductions. It strategically chooses the political decision maker or organization that can best assist the client and devises a customized plan to approach that person or organization in a manner that will interest them in our client’s goals. Often this means demonstrating that our clients’ goals are synonymous with the decision maker’s.

The next and most important challenge is overcoming the lack of familiarity between the client and the decision maker. Once the appropriate person is identified and the association between them and the client cultivated it is usually only a matter of time before the initial connection evolves into a lasting relationship.

TLM Associates also specializes in bringing like-minded groups and individuals together in coalitions. Identifying potential allies who our clients are not familiar with is an invaluable service we provide our clients. Chances are that if an issue interests or affects your organization it also similarly affects other organizations as well. Since you share a common interest with these other organizations it is only natural for you to ally with them in pursuit of a common goal that will benefit everyone concerned.

Creating a strategy to build a coalition and then coordinating its implementation is part of TLM Associates’ unique ability to both devise a long-term plan and also attend to its finest details. From conception to execution TLM Associates stands by our client every step of the way.

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